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About Asli Punjab Industries (Pvt.) Ltd

The Company was founded by Haji Muhammad Bashir Mughal in year 1966 and started to produce the water pumps in the beginning. And year-by-year the company had improved its production and theproduction range to Deep Well Pumps, Electric Motors, Enameled Wire and IronCasting. Now, by the grace of ALLAH, the Almighty; the company has started toproduce PPR-C, PE, uPVC Pipes and Fittings in Pakistan with the same Brand API.


API is the first manufacturing company in Pakistan, offeringmulti layered PPR-C and Glass Fiber Pipe. This kind of pipes is weather prooffor cold and hot weather, which extend the life of pipe 40% higher than thenormal one as well as the best Pumps Manufacturers offering the best products.


API is registered trademark of Asli Punjab Industries (Pvt.)Limited in the scope of water supplying system. We are offering the range ofdeep well pumps, mono block pumps, Jet pumps as well as the pumps for tubewells. API has extended the product range to PPR-C, uPVC, PE pipes andfittings.


Asli Punjab Industries (Pvt.) Limited is also known to first onein the country having quality certification of ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 18001standards and CE certification. Company also achieved several awards in export trophy by the worthy hands and Prime Minister of Pakistan Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif, as well as the Gold Medal from President of Islamic Republic of Pakistan H.E. Mamnoon Hussan and Pride of Pakistan, a senior most scientist Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan. 

Core principles guiding the comany entering 21st centuryare as below.


·           Serve thebest quality goods for the people everywhere by devoting careful attentionsafety and to environment.

·           Assert theleadership in technology and customer satisfaction.

·           Becomingthe contributory member of the community in every nation.

·           Fastercorporate culture the honours individually while promoting teamwork.

·           Buildlasting relationship with business partner around the country.



Asli Punjab Industries (Pvt.) Limited is fully aware of the facethat we are surviving due to our customers in the market; therefore our qualitypolicy is clearly focus on our valued customers. Low rejection rate, lesscostumer complaints, and avoiding non-conformity in our products has become usa market leader.




Haji Muhammad Bashir Mughal



Haji Muhammad Bashir Mughal Founded the company in year 1966. His efforts cannot be valuate in words as he started with limited resources, investment but his dedication with the work and responsibility a small street shop into a big group. 

Now the company is engaged producing a vast range of water pumps, having its own facility of Iron casting and Enamelled Copper Wire. The way to success is moving ahead by improving its scope of business as well as honesty with the responsibility to lead the industry. 

All is being done due to umbrella of the Founder of Company, he; himself is still striving hard with the slogan to never compromise of quality at all. 


Nasim Shahid Mughal

Chief Executive

CEO's Message

We are very thankful to Almighty Allah Who has given us the opportunity to serve our customers by supplying quality products as per their wish and demand.

ASLI PUNJAB INDUSTRIES (PVT) LIMITED is a customer caring company which aims to produce and supply quality products to the end user.

ASLI PUNJAB believes that there should not be any sort of compromise on quality. In order to ensure the quality of our products we have adopted international quality standards. Customer satisfaction is one of our key goals so all these quality standards are practiced strictly.

With my faith in Allah and belief in the dedication of our staff, I see ASLI PUNJAB to become the leading quality manufacturer and supplier in years to come.

Today ASLI PUNJAB INDUSTRIES (PVT) LIMITED possesses sophisticated machinery modern management systems and a team of highly capable individuals. Our team of competent professionals is filled with zeal and dedication to leave no stone unturned for the achievement of our common goal, complete customer satisfaction. We do not Compromise on Quality.

All these goals cannot be achieved without having professional work force. Fortunately, the staff at Asli Punjab Industries is extremely professional and committed. We will leave no stone unturned in striving for excellence and will utilize all our capabilities to make ASLI PUNJAB one of the acclaimed industries of this era. May Allah ease and bless our way in accomplishing our goals (Ameen).

with modification

Iftikhar Shahid


Muhammad Saleem Shahid


Zia Shahid


Shafique Shahid


our ideology

At ASLI PUNJAB INDUSTRIES (Pvt.) Ltd, our prime focus is a customer satisfaction. Therefore, we are committed to meet their needs and expectations by offering a wide range of products and delivering quality within stipulated time. We strive to achieve this through:

  • Manufacturing process to achieve zero defect products.
  • Effective communication with customers.
  • Timely dispatch.
  • Ensuring employee satisfaction at all levels through motivation.
  • UPVC Pipes (20mm – 200mm for different applications)
  • Polyethylene sheets (100 – 1200 Gauge)
  • Warning Tapes / Trench Markers
  • Water Road Barriers and Water Tanks
  • Adhesive Tapes

Quality Assurance


Our experienced technical staff exists to serve you in overcoming any application problem. Skilled design resources and project management capabilities enable us to become closely involved with any such queries, ensuring that the client gets the right Products for requisite purpose. Pipes that will continuously carry the required current at the specified Material/Product type in the prevailing conditions are our priority.

Where necessary we incorporate features enabling product to resist damage from threats such as impact or pressure. Our pipes are designed to resist oil, solvents or corrosive chemicals.

This class of Pipes performance can be achieved only by company working in harmony with the latest developments / technology in conductor, insulation and protective materials. Asli Punjab Industries Private Limited is a company which has acquired extensive knowledge of application requirements through experience with large network of Pipe users in almost every type of industry and field.


Specifying the right Pipes for a particular application is the first step of course and key to reliability however, is in manufacturing process. The Pipes must be free form material and manufacturing defects and weaknesses so that the product deliver the ultimate and high level of results.

Asli Punjab Industries Pvt Limited constantly monitor all manufacturing processes and impose all the most stringent quality assurance procedures to produce most reliable product. It is a factor which is of vital significance where Pipes are to be installed in locations where future access will be difficult. That is when Asli Punjab reputation and resources give you peace of mind. At the same time we recognize that modern commercial and industrial activities create even greater demands on performance and reliability. Consequently our manufacturing units are under constant review to ensure that the control and monitoring of materials and processes becomes even more stringent, fully automatic and precisely documented.


Asli Punjab Industries Pvt Limited maintain a close and continuous watch on world developments in Pipes technology and regulations concerning their implementations, so that the products are designed and constructed to be hazard free under prescribed conditions of use.

We use well tested / high quality materials and strictly follow the processes in full compliance with all relevant UK and international standards and directives. Our Pipes are manufactured for safe use without risk to health on the understanding that user will exercise the same degree of care in their selection and application.

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